We truly believe that our success largely depends on our team. 
That’s why we invest in our talent and help them develop to their full potential.

When we talk about talent,

we are looking for:


Super energy
and passion.

We want you to make an impact and help us build something great. If you consider yourself  someone who gets things done, you’re halfway there.


Brain power
and creativity.

Innovating shopping is complex. We need creativity and analytical skills to find new solutions, make decisions and move fast.


Teamwork and ownership.

We’re a team where everyone needs to be an entrepreneur in their own space, and we all support each other.


Curiosity and learning attitude.

Discover the next problem, learn about it and then come up with the smartest solution! If that didn’t work? Fine, use what you learned to improve your next attempt.


At ShopFully, you’ll be able to develop your professional skills and invest in your growth. While working in a stimulating environment,  you will be empowered to reach your full potential and work at your best.

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Tell us what you need to supercharge your growth

We believe it’s essential that our talent knows themselves, understands their needs and shares them with the team, to create personalised career pathways. If you work with us, we’ll give you the tools to self-coach and understand how to be at your best. You’ll be able to share these inputs with managers, so they can help you match your personal needs with your job position, and then within the team, to better work with your colleagues.

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Our way of working is all about you

We’re all different and that means we can’t all work in the same way. Our way of working must be flexible enough to allow everyone to be at their best. Starting from your wellbeing: a talent needs to feel happy and healthy in order to grow. Choose the location you prefer, at the time that suits you, and from the devices that are most convenient to work from. When you work with us, we do our best to help you to shine and thrive.

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The best reward is total reward

We know rewarding exceptional work is very important and we take it seriously — whether it is a matter of compensation or training. We personalise our packages so that financial compensation and benefits are closely linked to the needs, role and growth of each person. We value learning, and you will receive continuous training and internal growth opportunities, including job rotation.

Are we a match?

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